Sunday, May 6, 2012

You’re ever welcome with me any time you’d like, Let’s drive to the country side, leave behind some green-eyed look-a-likes

- Fleet Foxes Blue Ridge Mountains

A lovely fella tok me to the Dandenongs yesterday. I really loved it, you could see all of Melbourne. The CBD was just a little cluster like something squiggled out on a map, the Emerald City along the path. I wouldn't be surprised that if on a clear day you could see Geelong.

This is all instagram-artsy, it wasn't that dark out but it was cloudy and overcast. I mean, it is winter.
It was really lovely as well that we went up on a Sunday, reminded me of my runaways to Skyline Drive when I was living in Harrisonburg. Crisp, forest air and a beautiful view with great company - couldn't have asked for a better Sunday.

Later in the evening I met e for tea & a double feature (Pan's Labyrinth & Amores Perros) at 1000£bend. We ended up foregoing the films and just having tea and a drink. We were both a bit tired from the weekend. We then went moseying around and ended up at Section 8 Container Bar (as you do) and having a glass of wine before calling it a night.

1000£ bend on Lt Lonsdale St just beyond Elizabeth

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