Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Monday You Sure Look Fine..."

- Fleetwood Mac Monday Morning

Monday is becoming one of my more favoured days of the week, I know - bizarre right? I just tend to get so much done in the morning and then am able to arrange something interesting to be getting on with later in the arvo - so it's brilliant. Work then rewards.

Monday I finally had the pleasure of meeting e's father whom is an established painter and a technical expert in painting mediums. He's gonna help me sort out my stretcher bar situation for my buyer and has offered to lend a hand with the re-stretching, he's utterly lovely.

E and I then spent the afternoon.... (pause for drama) ..... working on a jig saw puzzle! We did get up to a bit more than that but mostly is was a lazy afternoon of chatting, eating chocolate crackle biscuits (homemade by e and delish at that) and working on an INSANE image of a school of fish. It was a lovely day spent in the northern part of town.

Darebin Station late on at night.

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