Monday, May 21, 2012

"I want you to be free, Don't worry about me, And just like the movies- We play out our last scene"

- Alien Ant Farm Movies

I caught two films this week (May 15th & 16th that is), and oddly enough both involved vampires. Don't worry - neither involved anything that sparkled.

The first film I saw was chosen by my mate for CineCult. CineCult is... "More than just a once-a-month evening of obscure, obsessive cinema, CineCult@303 is a mad and groovy collision of styles, genres, place, time and everything! CineCult will go to the limits of sanity to bring you back the finest features imaginable in the sleek and sexy surrounds of Bar303."

The film she chose was a fairly obscure Australian flick called 'Outback Vampires' or 'The Wicked'. It wasn't over blown camp and the production wasn't blockbuster there was still heaps of attention to detail, it was well developed. I thought there were some great angles used and the film was upbeat and didn't allow romance or an overbearing backstory weight it down. The film was lots of fun with some great laughs. I fully enjoyed myself and the film and look forward to my future CineCult@303 experiences.

(If you think you might be interested in attending a CineCult at Bar 303 screening check out their facebook here. They meet one Tuesday a month at Bar 303 on High St. Screenings start at 7.30 but typically everyone has a drink before hand.)

The second film I saw was Tim Burton's latest collaboration with Johnny Depp and his wife, Helena Bonham-Carter. Dark Shadows wasn't horrible, but it lacked punch. I feel like the writing was tired and didn't take advantage of so many opportunities - that frankly felt like they were laid out on a silver platter, The time setting itself gave so many opportunities for jokes not only to compare 1800s to 1970s but also both time periods to current day, and it wasn't touched on at all. There was also a lot of poorly developed back story and unnecessary inclusions that just slowed the film down narratively and emotionally. Admitedbly I have never seen the TV show, but rather than try and re-create and condense the TV show, as I expect Burton attempted; I would've taken the premise and run with it.

On another yet related note - Does anyone feel like Johnny Depp needs a new 'role'?  Something he can really stretch in? This seemed like a melding of Edward Scissor hands and Jack Sparrow, the last re-visitation of Gonzo-ism was equally expected....

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