Friday, August 24, 2012

Some Australian Labels

Melbourne fashion is dominated by the need for layers and the ability to change up your 'look' to adjust to the temperamental climate and a palate thats forever based on black. Anywho, Australian brands that are iconic & a few brands I have plans to purchase from are:

Dizingof, the people I'm working for; really do kind of have an aesthetic I would describe as 'Melbournian'. A Palate saturated in black with a touch of avant-garde and an asian influence. I'm pretty excited about the new line theres at least 3 pieces that i'm pretty set on adding to my wardrobe.

R.M. Williams, they are the Eddie Bauer/Ralph Lauren/Shepler? of Australia with their specialty being their handmade/bespoke boots. They handle the high end & dress wardrobe of Australian ranchers, cowboys, and farmers. I owned a pair of their Millicent Cuban Heeled boots on my last trip that sadly went AWOL the week before I left. Bummer right? yeh, thats the understatement of a decade. I'm sure I'll fold and buy myself a new pair relatively soon (hoping for a sale!!)

Coogi, notorious enough to even be mentioned & worn by Notorious B.I.G back in the day. In my opinion they're kind of like cosby sweaters that have gone 'dreaming', know what I mean? I'm on the fence about this look. Not sure if I picked one up if I'd ever wear it out of the house and I kind of have my saints cricket jumper for that. Plus if I got one ten to one I'd wear it with my red suede fringe boots, and that would be A LOT of look.

Footie gear, Europeans have their football clubs (soccer) Australia; primarialy Victoria, has their footy (Australian Rules Football League). I have a St.Kilda jumper stylied after cricket jumpers but maybe I'll get a jersey too.

Jack London, is a men's store; but it's beautiful. I'm gonna end up with something from here I'm sure of it and it might be this jacket or a tie at least.

Country Road, is the word for Australian prep. I guess I'd compare it to J.Crew but honestly not all that familiar with J.Crew. The big thing is their duffel bags. I got mine the first time around and I still love it, though I'm always convinced that mine is 2x bigger than anyones? Are there sizes? I don't even know.

Crumpler, This is Australia's answer to TimBuk2 as far as I can tell. They've got some goo gear but honestly, I brought my TimBuk2 with me and it hasn't faile dme yet so I have no urge to replace it.

And in accessorie must haves: PAW PAW. this stuff is magic. It cost $4.95 at the chemist and works better than anyother lip balm in the world, I kid not. Plus it also can be used neosporin which is great if you're accident prone like myself.

"You are who you wear it's true. A girl's just as hot as the shoes she choose"

Lady Gaga

(belatedly edited and posted) So my new job has definitely edged me into a different view of the fashion industry but in some ways just made some things more apparent.

1- Women have mad body image issues. I get ladys in (yes I was tempted to call them 'broads') that are size 8s in AU sizing; American sizing is so weird, so lets say an aussie 8 is small, like a 2-4 small; and they talk about needing to lose a couple of kilos. It's madness. I had a few mates who thought that working this job would make me more self-concious, but if anything I think I'm less. For one, the sizing is still so arbitrary at times from garment to garment. And two, strangely; even if I look a bit rough at work people still assume I'm stylish - even more so then them. Guess it's part of the persona of the job but still - bit weird. Anyways, I'm more concerned with my customers looking good and spending heaps then doing an overhaul on myself.

2- Trends are boring, but hell so am I. I still think the perfect day to day look for me is boots, dark pants (jeans or casual slacks) a t-shirt or button down (or both) and a jacket. Yes this makes me androgynous as but I tend to counter it with my fabulous hair (which I won't cut short ever again (I miss my mane so) and make-up.

3- I've had a gander at the 'Man Repeller' blog and overall there is a divide between womens fashion in that 1/2 is attractive to men & the other to women, with a little cross over in between. The irony in my own situation is that if I lost weight and thus became more "attractive" I would actually wear more 'man repelling' outfits. To start with I already do. For example my father calls my glasses 'BC'* and many a man has questioned my taste in footwear. Well, if I lost 5 - 10 kilos it would be far worse. Baggy jump suits, 'boyfriend' jeans, big clunky boots, suits, maxi dresses and full length skirts, more t-shirts, ties, braces, massive Scarves. Ok- so I already do the scarves but you get the point.

4- dressing in your twenties as a woman is HARD. You're at that point where balancing classy/funky/sexy and how formal an outfit an outfit should be seems near impossible. And every work outfit turns you into a stewardess/secretary.

and as a side note, I haven't really gone shopping since I started working in retail. True story, now that I spend all day selling stuff to people I have no desire to have stuff sold to me, to window shop, or to even think about spending my hard earned cash on clothes. I still want my RM Williams boots but I'm not dying from the lack of them.