Thursday, May 3, 2012

Waiting for the Man. . .

- Lou Reed

At Southern Cross station waiting for s to get in from the vline. Bloody starving but quite excited about the day.

Brekky with s, bit of shoppes because *woot!* the painting made it over with no worries full stop ...

[Some gal just asked me to watch her bags as she ran into the loo. Love this country. She trusts me to watch it and i trust she isnt a terrorist leaving me with a bomb. Brilliant] I need stretcher bars, clamps and a staple gun. May borrow gun and clamps depending... And then (drumroll) Secret Agents & Secretaries Party (madmen and archer fancy dress party) is tonight!
Quite a good day ahead if I dont die of starvation waiting for s. I swear my stomach growled so loud I jumped in surprise. Which also meand it was audible over the trains.

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