Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"And in the bottom of a concrete basement, Robin flies again"

- The Breeders Opened

the bar @ Bar Open
This last weekend (Fri - Monday really) was good, if not a bit exhausting. It started out with a Friday night meet up on Brunswick St. J and I had a few scotches at Bar Open before regrouping with the rest of the crew to go check out the opening at Brunswick Street Gallery. The work was quite nice and I'm impressed that they have such a quick turn around on shows since I was just at another opening there the other week. We then re-convened at Bar Open to celebrate b's last exam and upcoming job interview (fingers crossed!). There was also some late night munchies and quite the range of discussion topics that night between the jugs and the kebabs. After that j, f and I went round the corner to the Night Cat to dance up a storm. Plus who knew asking what brand of jeans a person is wearing would be such a successful pick up line? I know - right?

the GPO building
 J, f and I all got home pretty late and had a bit of a chat, which seemed to just continue on seamlessly in the morning. I proved to have magic panadol finding skills as well.

J and I then headed off to the city to see s before he caught his train back toward SA. We ended up having coffee at Southern Cross station and a great catch up with s before having to see him off at his platform. He'll be back next week though, so the good times will continue!

J and I then split ways, her to Footscray and me back to the Box. I had to get home and sort out a few things - including a MUCH NEEDED power nap before I headed back into the city at 5 ish.

I got my power nap and the mrs. was sweet enough to drive me into the city on her way to meet her cousin. Thank goodness because I needed the extra moments slugging it on the couch before standing up serving beer tastings all night as a volunteer at the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular!

a photo of the bar i worked, which was a
shipping container filled with kegs
60 different beers and one cider. 5.15-11.45pm. It was a long night of bar work but not un-enjoyable. I got to taste some good beers and some very unique beers, and some that were both - like a coconut infused stout. yummmy. A chilli pepper with chocolate porter and a watermelon warhead -lager? pilsner? also stick out in my mind. The White Rabbit ale made specifically for the event in collaboration with ... I want to say Little Creatures was also fantastic.

After I was done serving I headed out to meet some mates at The Aviary and on my way ran into one of my co-volunteers from the Bar 03. He was visiting from Brisbane apparently and I dragged him along.

the view from the bench out front the Library

Sunday was mostly spent feeling exhausted and run down with a bit of a cold, and a little home-sickness. It was Mother's Day.

Yesterday, Monday that is; I met up with e in the city for some mulled wine at Section 8 then went on a wander for food - got some tofu curry at 'Don Don' or  'Bento Don'? (Japanese place across form QV on Swantston St). It was a wet night but sat on the benches outside the front of the State Library and ate. The rain had pretty much stopped it was just a beautiful night. I love Melbourne after it's rained at night. It may be cold but the lights reflecting off the wet streets is just lovely.
soem of the seating @ E:fifty-five

Of course given that it was a wet, kinda cold night - sitting in a basement seemed ideal.

As such e and I headed off to  E: Fifty Five at 55 Elizabeth Street which is basically a cross between the cool basement all your friends hung out in high school (like that 70s Show - Eric's basement) and a Shag painting. They were also having a special on a 12yr old Yamakazi whiskey, so... YUM! It was a good night and while a little bit of a late one I woke up feeling refreshed and less sniffly.

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