Tuesday, August 17, 2010


i was so motivated......and then i don't know what happened.

Friday, August 13, 2010


making mochi. kami-sama save us!

Monday, August 2, 2010


I made madeleines for my mum this morning. Naively I thought it was b
ecause she had gotten off to a bad start and I wanted to do something to cheer her up, but now i think i had an ulterior motive. cooking and baking - especially successfully is em
powering and a sign of capability - even a sort of organisatio
nal finesse depending on how fast or efficently you pull off the whole shebang. I baked madeleines so that at one point today i wouldnt feel entirely disorganised and disgusted with myself.
I think i've mentioned my 'memory book' project? it's like a weird scrap book version of memento. searching out clues of what i was up to from july 2008- june 2009. I'm looking at my calendar, comparing ticket stubs looking at the run dates of events and even my bank book to get my head and thus the events in order. unfortunately the amount of times i've moved the digital pictures from here to there has corrupted the 'created' date on them. i had at different times tried organising this and unfortunately when i had decided that at that time it was not best i choose to divide up the scraps and mementos based off of genre (music events, sports, etc.) with odd little notes thrown in along with finding 'notes to self' like this:

yes. one side says some sort of description of the aesthetic of the piece i thought of - jarmusch's Deadman in this instance, with a pitiful line sketch on the reverse on a ripped out piece of one of my mate's uni agenda. ( I can see the moment, half baked inspiration strikes at caffeine in the Ag and a beg a scrap from the person next to me and make what has to be some of the most incomprehensible dribble since my crayola years) yes this here folks is why i have no success, because at times i have the organisation and forethought of a hot pink lemur.

I also think i'm going to need a third japanese style moleskin album. zut alors.