Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mangoes - are not cigarettes

-Richard Tipping

Yesterday for brekky I had one of my most favourite things, a mango. Most people won't realise that I love mangoes so intensely because I rarely ate them while in the US. I was always finding that my expectations were not met by my beloved fleshy fruit, so I ceased eating them. Not so yesterday, I ate one and that mango was exceptional. It's juice was sweetened to perfection and it's flesh so smooth it was creamy. It was a heavenly thing to eat, and I have to admit that had my roommate walked in on my blissful enjoyment of the pit I might have been a tad embarrassed, thankfully that didn't happen.

It did bring to mind Dylan Moran's experience with a chocolate cake in France and one of my favourite poems, Mangoes by Richard Tipping. I first came in contact with it at an exhibit at the MCA in Sydney.

artpoem property of Richard Tipping, more of his work can be found @

I must say that when I eat a mango this poem does run through my mind and I think it is the best way to explain my mango experience yesterday morning.

I of course bought two. 
The other one lies in wait to be devoured.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Stay posted for all sorts of neat stories, news and information about life around Melbourne.

ps- we're having a Black Books party tonight, brilliant.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


is eveyone so confident in me? ARE YOU NUTS?

what am i about to do in two weeks - how is this going to work? omg

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I cannot live without books.

-Thomas Jefferson

Films as well. However heaps of either rapidly take up weight and space in my allotted suitcases. Whats a Narrative media junkie to do? Break it down to an essential number or weight? I'm already holding off purchasing The Seven Pillars of Wisdom for when I get to oz, though reading it on the plane would be idyllic because Ulysses is one monolith enough.

I get the first few in and then it becomes a muddle of philosophy vs prose vs poetry vs art vs size. And then I also come back to the question of is there something that is not appropriate to read on the plane? What if I paper wrap the cover like they do in Japan? Can I bring that very old book with the brilliant paper as a possible future art project? Where do sketch books fit into this? Ahgh.