Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oh, the line forms on the right, babe Now that Macky's back in town

- Bobby Darin Mack the Knife

This photo and the one of me w/o the mrs.
taken by Daniel Taylor.

Secretaries and Secret Agents Party (MadMen and Archer fancy dress party) at me and the mrs' place was a blast! had some great tunes, a great crowd, a lovely punch concocted by the kitchen queen herself and of course some wicked good outfits. I of course 'went' as Joan, and I think I did alright pulling her off.

Also I think I might really, really look like my grandmother Carolyn. Suppose I'll email a photo to my grandfather and ask his opinion. I think overall everyone had a great time.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did and there were plenty of memorable moments - some not even caught on film like the one to the right (haha). I think the mrs. and I aren't bad hostesses (and of course honourable mention to f) and I look forward to our next bash - I think it's becoming a thing for us to have one per month or so.

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