Thursday, May 10, 2012

"I never needed anybody's help in any way. But now these days are gone, I'm not so self assured, Now I find I've changed my mind and opened up the doors."

- The Beatles Help!

Yesterday I had a 'day at home' applying for what I think would be the perfect job for me, but ultimately I won't get it. Its to be a member of the Exhibition Team at the ACMI (movies and visual exhibition - drool!). My lack of ability to get a position in the art world just makes me think of a particular scene in Art School Confidential. Yeh, ya know - the one about getting ahead? right? Sigh I also skyped with someone in the same city as me for the first time ever. Not a bad thing really.

A Gum Tree I saw on my adventures today

Later in the evening I met up with f at the Provincial on the corner of Johnston and Brunswick Streets for a bit of tea and a few jugs. I'm not sold on having vanilla vodka in my Pimms Cup but I'm not a lover of Singapore slings either really. Frankly, but don't tell f; I think even canned pineapple juice makes my head feel a bit dodge. I'm deathly allergic to fresh pineapple by the way. Any who - the pizza was good nad though over priced the Guinness there isn't half bad.

The Provincial on Brunswick St

I crashed on f's pull-out couch to get a start out on the right side of town to cut down on some of my transport today, which was a failed attempt. Due to incidents involving myki and my sometimes lack of ability to rapidly get where I'm going ("Did you ride a camel into town?"), It might not have really helped. I did have a lovely breakfast on Brunswick St to keep me going through the day. Either way I've come to peace with the fact that I can not coordinate myself so nor could I troops and I would've struggled utterly in OCS. Thankfully my day was saved as was I when I was chivalrously rescued and my day salvaged.

My new favourite store 'Art Stretchers' on High St. There goes rent!

Then later in the evening the mrs. took me to Bunnings (Australian Home Depot) for a staple gun and some wood glue. I re-stretched "you talkin to me" this evening over a film viewing and an amazing roast chicken and avocado sandwich made for me by the mrs. What can I say life is good. d, the buyer came around in the evening and picked up the painting and had a bit of a chat and now I'm just debating going straight to bed or popping on a cheesy film to drift off too. In other words, not a bad 48 hrs. Have a few things that NEED to be done tomorrow but I look forward to a little induced productivity.

vice grip clamps form art stretchers on high st

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