Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter Bunnies?! Easter Bilbies! (easter post coming soon)

Darrel Lea Chocolate Bilby

I spent this Easter at the mrs.'s folks in Culcairn, NSW. For Easter her mum got me an Easter Bilby instead of an Easter Bunny! It was delicious and put money toward saving the Bilby, an indigenous bunny-like marsupial that's endangered.

Easter was a laid back affair much like it is with my folks. We spent an evening with her lovely school friends, I got to meet her father's parents and as always had a bit of a paddock bash. This time the mrs. drove the 4wheeler while I held on for dear life and photographed one handed. I also video-taped!

Of course, there where Kangaroos!

There were many kangaroos and the land was much lusher and greener then the last time I had been to their farm. The decade long drought broke while I was gone and as a result all of Australia I've seen this time around really does bring Donald Horne's "Lucky Country" to mind. I had a lovely time, the mrs.'s parents are tops and I look forward to my visits in the future.

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