Tuesday, July 6, 2010

uhhhgh staying on task....

I'm not having a problem with being productive but I'm having a problem with etting my arthistory painting completed. I should have finished it tonight but it bores me....so i ended up making golden curry, and then later star shaped corn muffins and doing house chores. it's coming along but.......I did however finish my weaving sampler today. I'll wake up tomorrow real early and just hope that the time crunch will engage me for a period long enough to get that done because... I have a fibers final to bang out. man I'm gonna be one exhausted sheila come the end of the week.

Well guess that's that then. tomorrow, wake up - bust out Caracella, head to class, use lunch break to pick up any needed supplies and then it's silk steaming and
extreme awesome fibers project creating from then on out. definitely don't want my critique and final exam for art hist. on same day. Na, that's a serious no go.

If you couldn't tell I'm a bit under-slept and over- caffeinated.

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