Tuesday, July 20, 2010

knit stitch

yesterday I taught myself how to knit! it all finally stuck in my head vs me just standing there with two pointy things and yarn, my yarn became fabric. I had knitted alot but decided not to waste my fiber on a half baked plan for a grunge jumper and i instead un raveled it till i hit a knot and plan to use it to make a scarf. I'll start it when I get back from the oral surgeon today, when i look like a chipmunk. that's right finally getting my top wisdoms out after many, well not even months but years of waiting. They really shouldve come out when they were coming over while i was in oz but oh well, they're gettin the boot today. i hope i get to keep them. i keep threatin to make a pair of molar cufflinks with them like meyer wolfshiem in great gatsby.

I actually learned how to knit from the lovely expert village on youtube. here's a link to the specific video I used:


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