Friday, July 30, 2010


i just love reading, especially haruki murakami's works. i sometimes feel like they're some weird reproduction of my mind's inner worlds. a strange mash up of japan and the sixties and seventies thrown in veneered with jazz and slicked up with whiskey. i also think that the author issac adamson was heavily, almost burdensomely influenced by murakami-san. i'm actually at the point where i just want to mix myself up a mint julep and sit outside and read all day.

the last couple of days i had been doing a lot of bead work, trying to use them all up and never do it again. i really hate doing it and only started doing it because my mother had overpaid for a beaded necklace and i just got in a "that's so ridiculous! if that's what you want i'll make it for you!" sort of torrent which has continued for years. personally i think most if not all of what i make is something i would never wear. soooo they're all mum's with the exception of a mate's b-day gift i was fixing and the two pairs of pink earrings at the bottom.

today's project? i had planned o starting the much back-burner-ed australian collage book project. i'm going to use 2 japanese album* moleskins to capture my adventures in a semi-chronological visual mash up that i think i'll re-copy journal entries or write down something about the moments on the flip side. it's not really going to be easy organising my memories into a coherent form and as excited as i am to do the project and have the two little albums bursting with my homeric adventure overall i feel daunted by the task. especially since i realised i should also include some of the many photographs i took and thus get on and weed through over 2,000+ images on what to print.

that and my mum plans to have me scan all the family negatives and digitally archive them on an external harddrive...... yipeeeee.....ehgh.

haruki murakami's site - really sweet track by jefferson rabb

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