Friday, July 16, 2010


i've been sooooooo lazy lately it feels so out of character. My parents really must think I'm half slug, not getting out of bed till 10-10.30? ah! thats like 4-5 hrs later than I was getting up last week! incredible. maybe it's my body catching up on lost hrs? or maybe it's i'm sleeping on my futon and it's soooooooooooo comfy. I have millions of things piled on it, i get hot (it's summer) and i don't have a fluffy doona but i still feel like i'm in a little nest and i just can't be roused.

anywho I got in the game today and am challenging myself to one up some fellow in the International Artist magazine by doing a better replica of a j.w.waterhouse. I've always loved his work and feel that since I'm studio-less at the moment doing my own, usually massive work is a bad idea and instead developing ideas and working on my skills is better. This replica has already challenged me to draw on a 'reasonable' scale vs. something as large as I am. what a pain.

anyways I'm about to start painting, outside (hot & sticky, ew.) so we'll see how I go. I'm sure the result will be less than stellar and I'll end up curled up in a ball on my futon doubting my self worth but.....such is life.

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