Sunday, July 11, 2010


finally caught up on my sleep and ate a balanced meal. oh how i love you mum..... currently I'm at my parents place so i'll be catching up on little projects for them and getting my commissions nailed down and on the assembly. I'm also going to make good on a promise I made myself - to create more and to make things for myself more. I had a professor say to me that there was nothing like art education to kill your enthusiasm and it's true. I never experiment or make them just for the act of creation anymore - it's always for the assignment, the client, the portfolio - never just 'cus. I think that's why i get so into making paper cranes and little odd things like that. The only pressure to create them is my joy. I'm excited to see what i do and how i feel differently as i pursue this.

But as far as assignments and such go, the fibers one is not in it's final stage of completion but on the right track.

and the painting for ghist is disappointing but the larger oil one i started is waiting for me to come play with it so i'm ok with that.

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