Saturday, October 16, 2010

ageha painting update. (at studio now)

this painting is killing me. I started it so i could have something very fun and different and light/PINK to play with to counteract all the intensity and somber mood of my life lately but instead idk. It has plenty of conceptual space, would play into my interest in the relation between art, sex and consumerism in japan. but idk. really its just the medium thats bringing me down. Acrylics dry much to fast for my style of painting but i need the water and polymer based medium for when i start getting into the more playful textural aspects of it (glitter, rhinestones, pearls, big-arse blobs of paint).

really i don't have to be here working so hard on it right now but..... i don't want to be at my apartment. I want to paint, it's what's important to me and enjoyable and I'm not enjoying a whole lot lately......


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