Saturday, June 26, 2010

setting up the art space.

Well now I've been doing silk painting in fibers, forgot to photograph my experiments but I do have the design for my project (silk paint a scarf) that I'll be completing tomorrow and have set up an impromtu studio in the dining area of the apartment and in general been movin furniture about.

The roomies don't care course because they've moved out and aren't even awares.

Just realised I'm out of red wine. major dilema. I think I'm going to try making satay chicken with a microwave steamer. God, It just sounds like it's not going to work....oh well!

Also keep an eye out, I'm going to open a new portfolio page on my website for misc. projects - like my 3-d lotus pods one that I was quite into.

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  1. weird how the preview and the real post look nothing alike.