Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it's only tuesday.

That's what keeps rolling through my head, "it's only tuesday - and i'm this exhausted". Maybe it's just a switch that flicks when I get home, my body just drains of energy. I used to get this tired at 3am, the "o jeez. if i stay up any longer i'll be on fumes and a bit off my gourd the continuing hours I'm up". Now it hits like 9 pm and I start gettin that "well mayb I wanna get in bed soon" urge. I fight it, as I always have (which in my youth caused me to develop a minor insomnia) but I can't fight past 11pm. Still so much to do though, guess I need to up the caffeine intake.

Anyways brainstormed and mostly typed out my arthist proposal today - post sketches tomorrow, but do have photos of my burgeoning weaving sampler (which looks too pretty. The colours were supposed to come out so the combo was worth gagging over but through some miss application I may fail for their pleasing harmony) and the beginning of my silk painting.

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