Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I cannot live without books.

-Thomas Jefferson

Films as well. However heaps of either rapidly take up weight and space in my allotted suitcases. Whats a Narrative media junkie to do? Break it down to an essential number or weight? I'm already holding off purchasing The Seven Pillars of Wisdom for when I get to oz, though reading it on the plane would be idyllic because Ulysses is one monolith enough.

I get the first few in and then it becomes a muddle of philosophy vs prose vs poetry vs art vs size. And then I also come back to the question of is there something that is not appropriate to read on the plane? What if I paper wrap the cover like they do in Japan? Can I bring that very old book with the brilliant paper as a possible future art project? Where do sketch books fit into this? Ahgh.

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