Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"If you own a rug you own too much"

- Jack Kerouac

Well Jack, I don't own a rug but I do think I own too many clothes - far to many to fit in my two suitcases. Two suitcases is were all the things coming with me in my move back to Oz must fit. Yes, I could ship stuff to myself but at an astronomic price. If i'm spending that much to ship something to myself it will be my oil paints. Which of course also points out ALL possessions, not just clothes; need to fit in these two suitcases : /

I've started by pulling many things based on wear, fit and style for the donations bin (yay tax write offs!) and my lovely folks have been generous enough to offer to store a small bundle of clothes for me so I have a small pile of that going but the rest - well it's slightly overwhelming - and we haven't even discussed shoes yet.

To aid me in my whittling I came across a list of what Nina Garcia considers the must haves, Tim Gunn's essentials and a few others (Oprah, Real Simple, etc ) on what I "MUST" bring. Well, none of them have mentioned my red over-the-knee suede fringe boots - so i dunno about this.

Tim Gunn's was certainly the most succinct, but also kind of obvious as was also the Real Simple and Oprah's. The later two were also, dare I say dowdy? In their defence I'm probably not their demographic. Marquis of Fashion was a bit more hip but yet I must say I find Nina's the most interesting, dynamic and also I liked that some of her 100 weren't specific objects as much as "texture". For example, Animal print. She leaves you with the what is going to be animal print but is on point that there should at least be something for pizazz. Mine will be my Ralph Lauren leopard print (or is it cheetah - I can't recall) dress and my green faux-snakeskin clutch. There were still things that I found unnecessary, such as a cape; but I'm sure Nina Garcia would find many things in my closet unsavoury (the afore mentioned boots?).

So what have I decided to be the I can't live without, must come with me to Australia? Hm. frankly I have the big pieces figured out (Leather jacket, little black dress(s), opaque stockings, boots, etc) but it's the deciding WHICH sweaters, blazers, t-shirts, etc thats holding me up, and I don't think any amount of internet trolling will tell me. I'm going to have to suss it out myself, but once I do - I'll be happy to let you know what I think are the closet essentials for the eclectic 20-something.

What do you think are the closet must haves? Outside of the little black dress, great fitting pair of jeans, pair of boots, a crisp white shirt and a great jacket.

p.s. every time I say/think/write 'little black dress' all I can hear is the Spice Girls going on about Posh's little Gucci dresses.

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