Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mangoes - are not cigarettes

-Richard Tipping

Yesterday for brekky I had one of my most favourite things, a mango. Most people won't realise that I love mangoes so intensely because I rarely ate them while in the US. I was always finding that my expectations were not met by my beloved fleshy fruit, so I ceased eating them. Not so yesterday, I ate one and that mango was exceptional. It's juice was sweetened to perfection and it's flesh so smooth it was creamy. It was a heavenly thing to eat, and I have to admit that had my roommate walked in on my blissful enjoyment of the pit I might have been a tad embarrassed, thankfully that didn't happen.

It did bring to mind Dylan Moran's experience with a chocolate cake in France and one of my favourite poems, Mangoes by Richard Tipping. I first came in contact with it at an exhibit at the MCA in Sydney.

artpoem property of Richard Tipping, more of his work can be found @

I must say that when I eat a mango this poem does run through my mind and I think it is the best way to explain my mango experience yesterday morning.

I of course bought two. 
The other one lies in wait to be devoured.

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