Monday, November 29, 2010

I hate my painting sooooo much right now i just want to rip the f*ing thing off the easel and smashit and pour solevent all over it, but thats ok. The reason why im a good painter and will be a great artist is i don't need anyone to come cheer me on and tell me how great it looks. I know what first steps need to be taken to fix it so im gonna do them and go from there. The only person with more false positive attitude is tim gunn. "make it work".

gonna make it work in under 3 days.


  1. cbut it does look great, caro. i've been traking your progress... i'm honestly blown away. i cant wait to see it once it has your stamp of approval. love you.


  2. thanks babe. i def needed a run yesterday too - first one since the accident, it was soooooo good.