Monday, November 15, 2010

def some sort of pattern.... my 'lets look at bento supplies'. This time i'm not hungry but I don't feel like i should go to sleep and yet procrastinating from huge pile of work.... also silently admitting to myself that I probably won't get a bento tomorrow. pout. even though just bento is featuring a new multi-functional topping for veggies, walnut miso paste.

am slightly cheered by my lil fox (theme for gmail) he's like my little ever working buddy and this evening i finally caught hm sleeping and his ancestor ghosts playing Go on his lawn. it's sad that was a highlight to my day and sadder more that i think I should sleep because he is. i'm gonna give it a go, but only if i wake up at 6 so if it doesn't happen immediately back to work so i can sleep in till like...8? idk.

mate complained about staying up till 2am on a saturday doing work (gasp! oh no!) .....decided not responding was best. ..... (-.-)*

fight on right?  "がんばって!"

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