Tuesday, November 9, 2010

domesticity? or Gyaru?

well I might be turning into a japanese house wife.... oh well! Since it's going to be a long day, one of many this week, I decided to really enjoy breakfast. We have no toaster, so that means it's got to be asian inspired and I just love Japanese food! This is nothing crazy hard or exciting but delicious. Pan seared salmon, tamagoyaki, rice with nori furikake and some salted/soy sauced cucumber slices and a cherry tomato. I also had a glass of iced "green" tea and a cup of warm oolong. My body pretty much runs off of caffeine. And of course everything that was left over went into today's bento! Which has less than successful 'panda face' made of nori. True it might be a little tiring to have the same thing for lunch but crunched for time/ so excited about salmon for lunch I don't care.

My gyaru and host paintings must be getting to me because I'm also wearing pink shoes and glitter eye-shadow. Oh well, it's just my childhood expressing itself. I mean, I used to wear pink all the time. My room was pink, I actually really like pink. shhhh! it's a secret. (^.^)

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