Wednesday, September 8, 2010

new beginnings

Lately I feel like a lot of my efforts have been put into pursuing goals and a new lifestyle, and really things are going quite well.

I'm feeling much healthier and productive lately, even if I'm burning the candle at both ends a bit.

All of my classes this semester are really interesting and related to my majors. After all the summer work I decided it was fair to have a semester of all 'career' classes. Versus saying taking that science with a lab I've yet to take.

I've gotten an internship at my university's gallery which I'm quite excited about. Both what I'm going to learn from it and what opportunities it's going to give me.

I've gotten a commission to paint a portrait of my professor from last semester.

And I'm getting a lot of great encouragement from my professors, past professors, family and friends right now; which I really appreciate. For me this last stretch of university (undergrad whom knows yet if I'll pursue a masters) is when I'm going to 'grow up' and really get ahold of my life and take charge. From little things like learning some new recipes back to front all the way to understanding and paying my taxes this year every step I make this year is toward becoming the adult I want to be. I guess it's fairly existential, I'm taking the conscious steps this year to become the person I want to be for the rest of my life. Or at least for the beginning of it.

Oh and I've also begun a new painting, an urban landscape, in my painting class. I'm approaching the assignment with a 'facade' composition which isn't something I've attempted before. not quite sure where I'm going with it at the moment but I was very excited at the ease in which I laid out the basics on the canvas. I was full of confidence and I'm going to hold onto that confidence no matter the setbacks I may (and probably will) face toward it's completion.

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