Tuesday, September 7, 2010


That happened, not. Well it didnt happen because I was at the studio till 'round midnight so in truth the semester has begun again in earnest. I'm in strife a bit because I feel liek I have so much on my plate it seems and it's only midway through the 2nd week. Is it because of all the other events in my personal life I'm trying to balance with the academic in september? Is it because I've set so many personal goals for this semester? Is it because the 3 big things I'm involved in are massively time consuming, slightly opposed to each other and on top of that I'm working out and cooking 3 meals a day? and cleaning? how does everybody else make it look so easy? Could I do part time work on top of this? I reckon I'm soft.

well, squaring shoulders and hardening the..........up.

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