Sunday, September 12, 2010

i'm gonna be good

I'll be frank, I'm not quite sure how much to expose about myself on this. since i feel no one reads this (well i may have one reader now) I feel pretty liberated.... but then lets be honest- this is a fairly open forum, so bear with me.

Well. I guess the most interesting thing is why I'll be completing the majority of my art history essay tomorrow morning, my next big painting idea.

I've been toying with an image that would be like a blown up leaflet for a host (as in a japanese host club) but visually would maybe be heavier on the neon pink and less the visual kei lettering and graphics. I wondered why that image had been with me lately and I realised late yesterday and today its a fairly complex interest. In short i enjoy the switch in gender roles, the parasitical nature of the industry (most of it's customers are in fact female hostesses/sex workers), my curiosity as to whether thats reciprocal and it's self awareness. Of course there is also the general of the Japanese sex industry (it's largest after automobiles) which of course has inspired other artists, even outside the otaku mind set, such as ....... lost the name. it's on a paper i wrote for asian studies, when i dig it up i'll post it. (i'm terrible with names). Anyways this is a very rough statement of intent....i guess in some ways I'm not ready to reveal the depth of the idea/project until i begin..... or until i have art to support the concepts I'm exploring in them. I guess what I'm trying to say this is all great and good but useless unless the art itself is stunning, it would just be an over stated exegesis.

I don't know how deep into that 'work' I will get into this week. I wouldn't have the weekend to go wild with it and time is tight this week due to me being out of town this coming weekend. however i will be exploring this image i've had for a while and I plan to try different themes within the same imagery. Kind of excited about it and wouldn't be surprised if a larger piece grew out of it.

Of course I mustn't ignore my class project, the urban landscape. Also I think I'll be starting up a commission for a past professor this semester if I can nail down the details soon.

I'm very excited about both whats going on and the potential, even for SMAD....but then it is videography so why wouldn't I be?! anyways I will do my best and I promise to post again tomorrow!

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