Thursday, May 12, 2011


...since i've been on. that'll change soon, gonna double load my website with both of my blog options since i treat my tumblr more as a multi-media collage platform and this as an actual 'blog'. plus i'll be building some additions to my new website, which you should visit- here:

my new website

anyways i'm doing a little here and there before my may-mester starts up, I've got a new job along with i'll be continuing my work for the other gallery and i'm going to have an art show at the student run gallery this semester and not sure what else.

am considering a short art-house genre film project for myself. debating with ideas right now, suppose i'll post some story boards later.

anyways i'll be back to my near-daily updates and i'll be posting this to my website as well, so a tout a l'heure!

......yeh i might be wanker enough to write my film script in french, i might. maybe it will by filled with foreign languages.

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