Monday, April 2, 2012

gotta run run run (saved, never posted)

because I can't keep up with myself. I'll admit - missing my previous phones' ability to blog remotely.

mon - missed my transport back out of the city so crashed at my mate's (QV apartments). Saw the most amazing view of Melbourne I have ever seen - plans to make a stop motion as the sun sets and raises. Had brekky with him in the morning and decided that despite my level of grunge to take advantage of being in the city and went to a book shop to pick up unbearable lightness of being - the man with the blue scarf - and postcards from surfers, hit up the NGV - so great. First time I was back to the NGV international saw the Brent Harris exhibition that I really enjoyed but the 19th-20th suite was shut. Got home and watched peep show with a new perspective and really enjoyed it - though kinda weird.

sun - had a bit of a lie in then did a few errands. caught up with some mates for a wonderful bbq in northern suburbs

sat - Did job applications, shipping research, then went out into town with a mate to catch up with other mates including one who was in from out of town at the drunken poet on peel st.

fri - did job applications, caught up with m in the city. Had a drink at the charles dicken tavern. We wandered down to the Victoria College of Art 40th anniversary street party which Clairy Browne and the Banging Rackettes were headlining. Ran into i, a Chisholm college buddy from last go around - great reconnection. Went to Pony Island under the bridge over the Yarra (princes?) then down to Swanston St. to the Cabinet, a new place I hadn't been before that has a swell little view of that section of Swanston St.

wed/thur - did job applications, picked up roommates car at the shop (whew driving on the left side!) and had tea at J&D.H - which A joined in as well.

tues- Had the interview with the greenpeace fundraisers, walked out - wasn't my thing. Made a new friend who did the same thing - Arika! call me! - who had only been in the city for 6 days so had coffee and a nibble at Degraves St. then went around town. Visited the Ian Potter, had a walk through some arcades and then lost her in the crowd at the State Library. whomp whomp. Met up with a mate for a lemonade and bitters - decided to head home and had some drinks with roommate and mate with pizza and a film.

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