Tuesday, March 13, 2012

sid vicious played a four-string fender bass guitar and couldn’t sing and everybody hated him except the ones who loved him a ukulele has four strings, but sid did did not play ukulele he did smack and probably killed his girlfriend nancy spungen

- Amanda Palmer [ukelele anthem]

Amanda Palmer at Northcote Social Club on March 6 2012

The other day went to the Northcote Social Club to see Amanda Palmer the Grand Theft Orchestra. It was AMAZING, such a great show. There were also opening performances  which were also really great. I hadn't ever been to an Amanda Palmer or even Dresden Dolls performance before but I really enjoyed it and look forward to the album she's currently working on with the Grand Theft Orchestra here in Melbourne. She's doing heaps of shows at NSC, I advise everyone to try and go see her if they're in town, though they might have just ceased as they've gone into studio to record.

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