Tuesday, March 8, 2011


...or delish hearty breakfast? oishii!

I'm def. going to go back to bigger breakfasts. This or another soup with fried fish some rice another veg or even a fruit and some tea? ahhhhh - yum.
btw the udon are in a thrown together (aka 'winging it' recipe never tried before) of kombu seaweed (removed but could have been left in longer), miso, bonito flakes, 1/2ish green pepper, carrots, bamboo shoot tofu, and fish balls. I didn't skim the bonito out much either. I also threw in a bit of pepper and red pepper flakes. It would have been better just with the addition of scallion but the only onion I had was sweet..... whomp. 
Def a meal made of 'what do I have in the fridge' because I refuse to go to the shops till end of spring break. ok, I might buy a small bunch of scallions tonight for a kabayaki donburi but seriously, scallions - EASY to use up, especially with my tastes.

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