Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The New Year

Bei Badgirl's 'My Melody' from her  Red Apple Dessert Pie (Sugar Frosted), 2010.

As both New Years and the Chinese New Year approaches (27th Jan this year) I have been contemplating resolutions and where I'd like this year to go. Of course I wish to be much healthier and have a bit more general luck on my side, which according to my horoscope the Year of the Rabbit will be much better for me in health and wealth and general luck, however there was a note about avoiding water sports.

My horoscope also mentioned getting rid of my poker face and being more frank.

I also may need to reconsider my decorating, my feng shui may be off but I mean I kind of knew that with a print of a gun hanging over my desk, symbols of violence - not so auspicious.

I find it interesting that its supposed to be an auspicious year for health and wealth and be a much tamer year than that of the previous (Year of the Tiger - not exactly a tame year) when it was this year that I wanted to concentrate on career development and my future plans as well as continue my recovery from the accident and overall try to improve my habits for a steadier pace of lifestyle. I take it as an auspicious sign that my wishes for the new year will be supported by the leanings of my horoscope, going with the flow as it would be rather then fighting upstream.

So I guess if all goes well I'll have all the groundwork laid this coming year for a great 2012, my year, which will with all hopes include a move South.

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